If you are working to make freight transportation more efficient, safer or a better place to work, I may be able to help. I work with organizations - from planning agencies to technology firms to non-profits - that need to better understand the way truckers think and work.

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My consulting is informed by more than 13 years of academic research on the trucking industry. I've studied the history of the industry in detail. I've personally interviewed more than two hundred truckers and staff at trucking companies about their jobs. And I've surveyed many hundreds more. Finally, as part of my research, I trained to drive a tractor-trailer and worked as a solo long-haul truck driver. So I know firsthand what it's like to live out of a truck and move freight. While my consulting relies on the highest-quality industry-wide data and data collection techniques, it is always grounded in a real-world understanding of the actual work truckers do and the challenges they face. It's this combination of expertise that allows me to develop novel but effective solutions and strategy for thorny problems.

Much of my current consulting helps policymakers understand the likely development, adoption, and labor and environmental impacts of self-driving trucks and the "uberization" of freight jobs. You can find my new report on driverless trucks here.

I also serve as an expert in legal matters concerning independent contractors in long-haul trucking (I researched the employment relations of these workers extensively for my book, The Big Rig)


Areas of Expertise:


Labor and Environmental Impacts of Autonomous Trucks and Uberization of Freight

Employee and Independent Contractor Employment Relationships

Work and Earnings of Long-haul Truckers

Steve Viscelli

The driver's perspective always informs my consulting.

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